Do Not Slack on Stretching

Got into my leg and arm days the past 2 weeks, however, I made the mistake of not stretching properly and am stiffer than I should be.

Stretching is of great importance, not just for athletic events or workouts, but also for everyday life. Stretching helps muscles recover, helps keep the body loose and prevent injuries, and can increase range of motion, making it easier to move on a daily basis. 

Especially after having just strained my hamstring, knowing how to properly stretch it is crucial, and I slacked off. Now both of my hamstring are tight, just bedning at the waist sucks during the day and just putting my legs out in front of me while sitting. So, I earned that.

Tomorrow starts my back to yoga 2 to 3 times a week and stretching each of the major muscle groups for 1 minute each after training. Not to mention proper techniques for recovery, foam rollers, Epsom salt baths, and fluids and fuel. 

It’s that moment when you know better and you screw it up, that super annoying moment, drives me nuts. I ushing through is what I do.