Starting Weight Training & Yoga Programs

So I have decided to add a weight training and yoga program to my running program. I have registered for the 10k in Cleveland in December and needed to up my training.

Running is great, but adding the weight training will help with muscle endurance and make my body stronger to help avoid injuries. Plus, adding this in helps my body to work out additional areas so that the areas used during running do not become overworked and thus inhibit my ability to train and perform at an optimal level.

The yoga program is to help keep my body loose and moving. Stretching is important, we all know that, but yoga helps with muscle endurance and strength as well as stretching the muscles. Some people think yoga is silly, but I have personally seen vast improvements in my strength, flexibility, and stamina just from adding it for as little as a week.

Yoga also helps with recovery, so having this can help my body recover faster and stay fresh for each training session.

I’m really excited about this 10k, the running program I’ve been using through Nike Run Club is pretty intense, but I love it. It makes me push myself when I normally would not and when it keeps popping up on my phone that I have a workout, pretty hard to ignore it. Also, the coaches that are on there are pretty motivating and it makes the runs borderline effortless.

I’ll let you know how sore I am by the end of the week.



One thought on “Starting Weight Training & Yoga Programs

  1. Been doing yoga for years for running and it’s great, especially helps stretch everything out. Strength training has been EVERYTHING for me–the difference has been incredible. Just like you said, I don’t think there is anything better you can do for injury prevention than get strong. Good luck with it all!


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