First Set Back

I switched jobs and got a shake up with my schedule, which in turn shook up my training schedule. Worst than that was that I has a slight strain in my hamstring, which made it feel like it was going to give out every time I moved.

My hamstring is back to 100% now and after a month of training, I have a stable daily schedule for my new job, so back to training I go. 

Started with a 10 minute run today, swimming tomorrow, and back to my regularly scheduled program after that. Easing my way back in, to ensure not reinjuring my right hammy or another injury altogether, but pushing myself so that I’m not completely back at square one.

Definitely going to be doing more yoga and foam roller usage to help keep my muscle limber & limit the lactic acid buildup. Heading to the store to grab more Epsom salt as well, this does wonders for muscle recovery!

I need to up my water intake and changed my diet around a bit to bring in more carbs & protein. 

Dealing with an injury is never fun, having to wait it out when it’s a strain is even less so, but it is necessary. I took the time off, came back and am easing in to avoid reinjuring the muscle, with proper precautions & adding more to my diet & workout to keep the muscles limber & recovering properly, I shouldn’t have this problem again for a while.


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