Brick Wall Week

Well, 3 weeks in and I hit a bit of a wall. Working midnight shift and training is rough, especially when my bike tire popped and I haven’t started swimming yet, so all I’m doing is running. I hate running.

Had to get my mountain bike fixed, the tube in the tire had a hole. Went to my bike shop, they fixed it, but the next day the bike was just sitting in my living room and the I hear “pop hiss” and there goes the brand new tube and my cat’s sanity.

Running is by far the hardest aspect for me, mentally. I’ve always hated running, ALWAYS. The only kind of run I ever wanted to go on involved car keys, my id, money, food, and alcohol. If I was actually running, outside of playing a sport, then you should run as well because God only knows what was chasing me!

My best friend ran cross country in high school, we’ve known each other since kindergarten, she always asked me to run, I always laughed. Now I’m running on purpose and she’s pregnant. I’m not laughing but she is.

I have been exhausted because of work. I’ve gotten more hours and stocking shelves is not easy labor some of those boxes are heavy, climbing a ladder sucks, and most of the time I’m in 37 degrees or below stocking the yogurt. It takes me about an hour or so to dethaw when I get home, so I’m pretty tired by the time I finally pass out.

I’m usually up by noon or 1pm, but the last week all I’ve wanted to do is sleep the entire day until I got up for work at 9pm. I missed one run and felt like a total failure, which made me want to sleep more. Odd how you can be so tired after a workout yet not as tired as when you don’t workout. The body is crazy.

Mentally, my brain keeps saying “go back to bed, it’s just one run.” One run this week, the whole program by next month, not something I’m willing to give up. So, I have to drag myself out of bed and force myself to go for a run. This seems terrible, but we’ve all been there, the brain wants to give up before the body or vice versa. My brain has always been a love/hate thing with me.

I went for the run, and I felt amazing! I did my benchmark run, 7 minute warm up, 3 minutes of as hard and fast as I could go, and 5 minute cool down. I was shocked at how long I could go at a fairly easy pace during the warmup and cool down after only 3 weeks. I was able to go farther before having to start walking again and my body didn’t feel like death after 30 seconds. BOOM, I count that a success and you should too (little victories).

The part in the middle however, now that part sucked! I could only go for 30 second spurts and it was only 3 minutes long. Granted, it was as hard as I could go, for as long as I could, as fast as I could, and build up the speed. Man did I feel like I hadn’t progressed at all, but I have. Getting back into shape is hard, getting into a training regimen that includes swimming, biking, and running – even harder. Hating running and noticing how much better you’re getting at it, definitely a motivator.

It was a rough week, but I keep pushing, greatness doesn’t happen overnight, neither does change. Success is a result of a compound effect of years of hard work and dedication. Champions work when no one is watching, that’s what separates great from good, trophy or not, I want to be great.

Side note, totally went too hard on that run and got sick, not cool. Keep pushing, but stay within your heart rate and doctor’s recommendations, vomiting after a run is not fun. I will also, due to work, never eat yogurt again so don’t be shocked when you do not see any mention of eating yogurt during my training. I now have an irrational hatred for the stuff.


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